my good old chucks  

Posted by japol orona

when i hear the word shoes there is only one thing that i think of. isa lang. yung converse ko! high cut. chuck taylor..alright!! i can wear it anywhere, anytime, anyhow. and you know what, mas ok 'to..pag hindi nakakatikim ng linis. i never make laba my chucks. hindi kasi cool pag sobra linis. the more it becomes luma, and the more it becomes madumi, mas astig! the good thing is, we're not obliged in the office to dress up..slacks,leather shoes, long sleeves polo, neck tie? ANO YUN? office ko, dressdown forever. so, if you see me in the office, expect to see my chucks. everyday, iba-iba syempre. i match it with the color of my shirt. i'm known in the office for wearing only one kind of shoes. one time, when there were foreign visitors , i managed to dress up and wear formal clothes complete with blackleather shoes. my colleagues joked, is that you japol? totally uneasy ako..grabe! so, during the last hours in the office, i went to the locker and changed shoes. believe me when i say my converse looks good even if i'm wearing formal clothes. ...ha-ha!

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